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Tradeversity is a student marketplace, exclusive to your university community. Buy, sell, and share whatever, whenever.

The sharing economy platform for your campus

Buy & sell anything from textbooks to furniture with other students. Our marketplace is built to save you time and money.
Make money renting out things other students need and save money by renting instead of buying speakers, kayaks, and more.
Buy or offer a student service. Whether it's a laundry business, custom t-shirts, or tutoring, the possibilities are endless.

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Use cash or card

Meet up in person and exchange cash or use our simple in-app payment feature.

Always find what you need

Don't see what you need? Add it to your looking for list and we'll notify you when it's posted.

Mobile and Web

Tradeversity is available wherever you are—whether that’s iPhone, Android, or the web, we’ve got you covered.

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